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Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Trailer Breakdown! Everything To Expect And Details

If you are either a closet romantic or a hopeless romantic, this show is definitely for you. And if you’re a sceptic, like me, then this show is the one to sit and laugh at, with a popcorn tub of course.

Love Is Blind is a dating app brought to life, in its essentiality. Dashing, handsome, young, single men, meet stunning, gorgeous, single women. They meet, but not exactly. They meet while being in two pods opposite to each other. These pods are closed, sealed on them and they spend the rest of their time talking to an empty room and the person opposite them across a wall.

What’s So Special About This Show?

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There are a lot of things that this special does differently from others. For starters, the concept of not seeing your partner physically till you decide to marry them is intriguing and for a sceptic like me, quite horrifying. Everything about this TV show is different in how it is rushed. Choosing to marry a person you’ve never actually met, never actually spent time doing mundane stuff with, is a bad start. However, this TV show does make a good point in thrashing those views. While it does make everything a little too manufactured, a bit too perfect, there is still a hint of realism in the show.

The trailer shows all the contestants beginning with encounters in different pods, having to spend time with each other without really spending time with each other. They talk and ask. There are no holds barred except for any kinds of visualisations of the person’s appearances. The show seems to be making a point of the idiom, “Appearances don’t matter”, and of course the iconic name of the show, “Love is Blind”. However, is it?

Not Everything Is A Bed Of Roses

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While their meet-cute and talks are all shown as, picture-perfect and they are depicted as people who are meant to be, the actual show begins when they meet each other. From physical attraction to mental attraction, everything is tested. They are sent into their real lives and made to analyse whether their lives can gel together to survive the torrent of their love. And the trailer is punctuated with misunderstandings, fights, but also making-up and consolations. I may have begun watching the show, and the trailer with an intent to laugh at it, but by the end of the trailer I stand convinced, its an entertaining watch that I shall be looking forward to.

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