Spanish Series ‘You Cannot Hide’: When Does It Premier? Details Inside

The Spanish thriller series takes place in Mexico and Spain. The modern time thriller is a must-watch trending on Netflix. After Money Heist, people and viewers are showing interest in Spanish dramas and thrillers.

About The Show

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You Cannot Hide is a show in which a nurse and her daughter flee from her husband’s past in Mexico. Her husband had been a drug-trafficker in the past that have already made their lives the worst. They escape from Mexico to Spain with the help of some officers. They assume new identities in Spain but little do they realise that their fate will be tested in Madrid.

The lead characters face new dangers in every episode. The makers have beautifully written the storyline and the characters and the twisty plot forces us to binge-watch it. The interesting point of the series is that each episode ends with a cliff-hanger. This thing forces us to start the next episode before we realise that we can not stop.

What Makes It Different

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Each episode tends somewhere. The show has a continuity in the episodes, and the story is always moving forward. So, one can say that the show cannot be boring. The show has a strong cast with Eduardo Noriega as one of the leads, which is someone one will come across even if he does not watch a lot of Spanish movies.

The main lead, Blanca Soto, is both the protagonist and the executive producer of the show. The underlying theme of the plot is that a nurse after the depart of her husband tries to build her life. The show teaches its viewers the lesson of endurance.

What To Expect

Season one of the show is now available to watch on Netflix. In short, the show is very engaging series, and it forces you to push the tab of next episode. The first season consists of ten forty-five minute episodes that will keep you biting your nails. The show displays exciting thoughts which intervene in the whole plot. The story is not that complex, but it is not that easy even. The story generalises the idea of Spanish thrillers.

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