The Witcher: A new connection between Geralt’s sword and Renfri?

The Witcher remains one of Netflix’s most-watched shows for the year 2019 and 2020. Filled with thrilling plot twists and surprising plot reveals, the Witcher has a lot to unpack, and new questions arise every day. And today, we explore the connection between Geralt’s sword and Renfri.

Geralt and Renfri 

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In the show, The Witcher, Renfri is a cursed former princess who is on the hunt for a wizard names Stregobor who has caused her trauma in the past and wants to kill her due to the circumstances of her birth, which lead him to believe she’s inherently evil. Geralt of Rivia arrives at Blaviken, to rest for a few days and to deliver a monster carcass to the wizard when he unwittingly gets caught up in between Renfri and Stregobor’s fight. Despite not wanting to hurt either as he believes that all evils are the same, Geralt ends up fatally wounding Renfri in a bid to stop her from going after Stregobor and letting her heart filled with hate. Having fallen in love with Renfri before, he is unable to move on from his deed and resolves not to let his feelings ever get in his path.

The Witcher’s Sword 

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A Witcher has two swords; one made of steel and the other made of silver. While the one made of silver was to kill monsters, the steel was for Man. Silver is a very malleable metal and is generally very useless as a weapon. However, in the hands of a Witcher, to kill monsters, it is deadly. Steel, on the other hand, is to kill men, in courtroom battles and wars alike. If you had been watching closely, you would have seen that during the Battle of Blaviken, where  Geralt and Renfri cross swords, his sword has a plain hilt. However, after Geralt kills Renfri and is sent away from Blaviken with the title “Butcher of Blaviken”, you see that his sword now adorns the brooch once pinned to Renfri’s breastplate. We suspect that this stands as a lesson to Geralt, to never get involved in the matters of men. It also stands to remind him that while he may go forth to fix a situation, destiny shall always have a different path for him.

Well, those were our thoughts on the newest theory from The Witcher! Comment your thoughts down below!

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