Why Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Jake And Amy Make The Best Tv Couple

Cop sitcom Brooklyn Nine Nine is one of the most trending shows on television. With a perfect hint of humour, comedy and action, the show is perfect to rewatch when you are bored. Jake Peralta being the hero of the show, his love towards Amy Santiago grows across the period of time.

How Did It Start

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It all started with a bet where Jake won over Amy. Both of them were competitive and against each other. But slowly it turned out to a love interest for Jake. Loverboy Jake developed a crush on Amy who was in a relationship with someone else.

But at the end of season 2, we saw the unexpected couple making out in the end. That scene made everyone’s heart melt. One of the wholesome scenes in the show.

Despite the fact that fans were rooting for these two to end up together, they finally got married in season 5. The wedding was epic as hell. Someone planted a bomb on the wedding location, but well, it was a fake emergency call.

Remember the 20 seconds flirt Amy pulled on Jake? Yes, that caught Jake’s attention. But oh boy, can’t lie that Jake developed a crush on Amy. That’s not the only thing! The double tuck, where Amy will tuck her hair behind her ears if she liked someone. And with Jake it was not one tuck, But two.

The most wholesome moment was when Jake was in jail and still, Amy’s voice lightened him up in that situation. One call he made to Amy from the jail was a relief to hear his lady love’s voice.

We all want someone to propose us the way Jake proposed Amy. Halloween Heist with a new twist. Jake was on his knees holding a wedding ring and asking Amy to Marry him.

Why Amy And Jake Are So Special

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If Romeo And Juliet set a benchmark for romance, then Jake and Amy have for sure crossed it. Having a not-so-perfect husband like Jake, and a perfectionist wife like Amy is a dreamlike. Both of them form a power couple even beating the classic duo Ross and Rachel from friends.

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