Wondering How Henry Cavill Managed To Chop Up Eight Guys In A Scene In The Witcher? Here’s How!

If you have watched the first season of The Witcher, you must be well aware of the fight scene in the first episode where Geralt knocked down eight guys in one go.

You won’t believe that this whole scene was filmed at once, without any further takes and that was enough to convince Andy Kelly that Henry Cavill is “made for Geralt’s role”.

Well, can’t agree more, Andy.

Just in case you can’t remember what we’re talking about, here’s the legendary fight scene from the series:


Unbelievable, right? It’s surprising how he managed to chop off eight guys in a row without breaking off a single sweat.

Here’s how Henry Cavill mastered the fight scene:

One of his secrets was that he actually used a shortened sword instead of the full-length one. According to him, it’s easier to fight through the enemies without actually “murdering” them at the same time.

But at the same time, it’s tricky as well. He needs to show as if he’s fighting with a full-length sword in the scene.

Then, comes the camera angles and movements. The camera person is supposed to capture the entire scene from all the perfect angles without tripping or bumping over someone.

Image result for The Witcher

Well, that takes a lot of cautiousness as you can easily mess up the whole scene if you’re not careful enough. So basically, according to Cavill, everything has to fall in the right place.

He later adds up saying that there’s no time for mistakes, and also no space for the same.  A true master, we can say!

The entire fight scene before Geralt’s final face-off with Renfri is perfectly shot and is brutal at the same time. All the credits to our dear Cavill and the camera persons!

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