DC Comics Superhero Themed Credit Cards!

If you needed any more reason to get a credit card, here’s that something extra interesting. DC comics has just collaborated with the Multi-national financial services corporation VISA to launch a brand new series of credit cards also known as DC power VISA.

These DC Power VISA credit cards are just perfect for DC comics’ lovers or any comics’ lovers for that matter. These credit cards are themed according to different DC comics’ superheroes and come in 7 different designs to choose from.

Different Superhero Themes

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Source: DC Comics

The choices are really iconic as well: Animated Batman, The Batman Symbol, Superman’s symbol on his chest, Flash’s symbol, Wonder woman’s symbol, Harley Quinn’s animated character, and a Justice League Card. The DC Power VISA credit cards are a great way of showing off your love for the comic characters and also gets the benefits.


The fun doesn’t just end there, because themes are just the beginning. The DC Power VISA comes with many benefits.

  • There’s no annual fee on these cards and you can earn points on how you use your card.
  • You can earn 3 times the points if you use the card for digital entertainment transactions like cable, movie tickets, streaming and internet services, etc. That means you get three points for every dollar spent on these entertainment transactions.
  • You can also earn 2 times the points while paying for dining and for Gas. So two points for every dollar spent on dining and for the Gas of your vehicle.
  • You can win 50$ worth of movie tickets when you spend 500$ in the first three months.

These credit cards are surely a must-have for DC comics’ lovers and with the great benefits for entertainment purposes, it’s definitely going to be a success in the Market.

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