Netflix’s Aaron Hernandez: All The Unanswered Questions

A topic of fierce debate remains today: is it right for us to discuss serial killers? Is true crime truly a necessary genre of viewership? With killers killing less from mental health issues, and more just for pure notoriety, liability on the part of the viewers seems like more and more of a question that we need to ask. However, in the midst of all of this rises Netflix’s latest three-part series, Killer Inside: The mind of Aaron Hernandez, investigating the mind of killer Aaron Hernandez, who in 2013, was accused and convicted of murdering his to-be brother-in-law.

Despite an intensive in-depth analysis of what exactly made Aaron Hernandez tick, following his birth, his childhood life, and his rise to be a world-renown rugby player, the documentary leaves a lot of questions unanswered. We presume this is because the only person who could give us a definite answer was Aaron himself.

Did Aaron Kill For Notoriety?

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Source: The Boston Globe

While a lot of murders often go unnoticed till it’s almost too late to catch the killer, the death of Odin Lloyd seems to either be botched by Aaron’s drug use, or his compulsion to reveal himself. Murderers, according to a study documented in TV series Encounters with Evil, have more of a need to advertise their doings. This compulsion of theirs is to receive attention, positive or negative from other sources. This revealing fact begs to ask the question: did Aaron Hernandez know he would eventually get caught? Did he know that if he had just deleted his security footage, he might have gone free? And if he did know, why didn’t he try to save himself?

If Aaron’s Father Hadn’t Been Present In His Life, Would He Have Turned Out Differently?

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Source: The Boston Globe

You would say that an obvious answer to this would be yes. However, we present to you our counter-arguments. 1. Aaron had suffered numerous potentially brain-damaging concussions before his actual turn to violence. 2. Despite his father’s constant abuse, Aaron’s classmates described him as a mild-mannered and kind person. He seemed like a person that wouldn’t bully them and never had. However, he had moods that were highly unpredictable and could change from happy to furious within a minute.

Did Aaron’s Repressed Homosexuality Contribute To His Tendencies?

As a child, Aaron’s father was a violent alcoholic and a very vocal homophobe. These tendencies of his father forced Aaron to refrain from mentioning or even understanding his sexuality from a young age itself. His behavior only resulted in his resentment at himself and at others to grow. This resentment remained bottled up and finally exploded, resulting in a murder at his hands. However, this is pure speculation. The truth can only be unveiled by Aaron Hernandez himself, who is 2017, committed suicide.

The truth of why Aaron Hernandez killed Odin Lloyd and quite possibly two others went to the grave with him. While there remain so many unanswered questions, we believe its best to lay them to rest and only hope there is peace for the victim’s family soon.

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