The Crown: Season 5 The Last For The Royal Netflix Drama?

Heralded as one of the best British TV shows by bloggers, critics and audience alike, The Crown has gained an excellent reputation as being one of the best portrayals of the royal family in the past decade. With each episode ending in cliff-hangers and being just as thrilling as it is factual, The Crown has kept its viewers hanging on the edge of their seats each time.

The End Is Near

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However, as all good things come to an end one day, The Crown has also decided to celebrate a final hurrah with its last season, Season 5. While season four featured a young Prince Charles and Olivia Colman as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, season five is going to feature a new Princess Diana, with Emma Corrin playing the late princess. The Crown has remained iconic in its portrayal of the Queen and her rise to power and the obstacles she faced on the way, and now even as it ends, seems to usher in the new generation of royals, welcoming into the show a story of conflict and scandal, worse than any before.

Not A Sad Goodbye

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Show creator Peter Morgan believes that ending the TV series with the culmination of the events in Season Five shall be the right way to end the story.

While not the actual end of the life of the royals, Morgan believes that pulling the show any further would destroy its integrity. As he is quoted saying, “It has become clear to me that this is the perfect time and place to stop. I’m grateful to Netflix and Sony for supporting me in this decision.”

The hit series finally finished shooting its final season in the late November of 2019.

We are incredibly excited to see what the new and final season has in store for us, and while it shall be a tearful goodbye for us, we are sure that the latest season shall help us cope. Let us know your feelings down below!

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