Netflix’s The Stranger: More Questions Than Answers? Here’s All That You Should Know

The Stranger is the mini-series based on the Novel of the same name by an American author, Harlan Coben. It is an eight-part series starring Richard Armitage, better known for his role in The Hobbit. The actor is well known for his thriller and nail-biting roles, so it seems to be perfect casting.

The Plot

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The plot revolves around the lead character, Adam Price, who faces a shock revelation. The lead seems to be living a perfect life with an ideal family when one day, someone reveals a secret about his wife, Corinne. Then Adam tries to get more information regarding the same when he realizes that this puts in danger the lives of those around him.


It is an emotional thriller and a fun series to binge-watch. The series came out on January 30, Thursday and it has eight episodes, all of an hour long. The author of the book, Coben, states that The Stranger has been the most challenging Novel of his career, considering its twisted plot.

About the Makers

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Coben is also the executive producer of the series. It shows his specialty with twisted yarns so many interrelated stories pointing to just one end. The series even starts a strong detective character, Finneran, who seems to enjoy the start of her new life but still trying to prove herself as a detective.

The mini-series was filmed in the skirts of Manchester and had a slight deviation from the best-selling Novel. However, one can neglect this fact considering creative liberty. The Novel is based in England. The series makers have released two trailers that will keep you out of bed. Both the containers do not reveal much about the entire series.

What Reviews Say

The reviews have been excellent, and the people claim that they have already binge-watch the entire series. One cannot get over the plot as well as the cast of the series. The makers are fascinated to see the success of the series and hope to give more to the audience. It is a gripping thriller and a must-watch.

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