Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana Documentary: Everything That Was Not On Point

The new Netflix documentary about Taylor Swift, says a lot about the dimensions of her career and her personal life.  It is a story of how Taylor struggled throughout to become what she is today. It takes a lot of guts to come up with what a person has faced strongly.

About The Documentary

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Miss American talks about the psychological impact of daily trolls and social outburst of the world on a person, who is in the journey of struggle and maintain her place in the music industry. The doc also talks about the star’s eating disorder and how she carried so much weight on her slender shoulders.

What It Misses

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But that is only a part of Taylor Swift’s story. The movie introduces us to the fact of how Swift reborn. How she transformed for good not only as an artist but also as a woman. It talks about how the artist learned the concepts of self-love and harmony with the self. It talks about how she spent almost her entire childhood working and building the fame she has today and making peace with herself that one can not win over everything in life.

It seems that the movie was unable to follow the chronology. Instead, it has just taken chunks of Swift’s life and put them together. Like all other starry documentaries, Miss Americana is confessional but to only a certain extent. While Taylor Swift opens up with her dialogue about the Kardashians, she sounds very preachy in the movie.

What We Learned

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However, after watching this movie, you would not learn about Taylor Swift’s deepest secrets, but you will know a great deal of her life. It does not reveal any juicy gossip within the music industry. Some people also say that this action was just the singer’s attempt at brand rebuilding than sharing what is needed to be shared.

Also, there are few behind the scenes shared in the movie. The one for the song “Fifteen” could be far more revealing than it is in the film. In all, the movie is very timidly directed that gives the fans an idea about her life and not in detail what the real Taylor Swift was.

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