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Top 5 Romantic Movies Of All Time

Love is a beautiful feeling. We all dream about the perfect spouse and all ravishing moments we want to spend with them. It is one of the most enchanted experiences in the world.

Here’s a list of 5 evergreen romantic movies

1.) Titanic

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Source: Roger Ebert

The tragic romance of boundless love surely brings a tsunami in our eyes. A heartbreaking love story with scoops of drama. But, it gives us hope to hold on to the very last fragile string of love till death do us apart.

2.) The fault in our stars

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Source: YouTube

Battling cancer together and living on brink of hope of surviving this magical journey will make you appreciate every little moment with your beloved one because you never know what course life takes. One moment you’re together, jocular with all the oomph and the next moment you’re a twinkling star in heaven.

3.) Love and basketball

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Source: Microsoft

Two extremely skilled basketball champions have a common goal, to rise and shine in their career and they eventually end up following in love. It is a classical romance gold but life may have other plans. Will their respective field be sensitive enough to let the love bloom?

4.) Crazy Rich Asians

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Source: Jing Daily

Do you have got a soft spot for rom-coms? This entertaining tale is a must watch to gain a deep insight into the Asian heritage and culture. However the movie was shot in some of the most breathtaking locations and makes it worth a watch!

5.) Juno

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Source: Refinery29

Who would have expected a movie on teenage pregnancy to be all romantic? There is a lot of love growing between the two friends who landed in a situation whose consequences are unavoidable. Nonetheless, the sweet love they share will make your heart smile.

Are you a movie maniac when it comes to some heartwarming romantic tales? Let us know your thoughts and favorites in the comment section below!

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