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Justin Bieber’s SEASONS – Are Artists Looking For More Than Music To Express

Music is a soulful way to express deepest emotions, to connect to the people and highlight some of the commonly felt emotions which can be woven beautifully into rhythmic and groovy tunes. 

But sometimes, some unfathomable emotions cannot be expressed through music alone. They require a bigger sentiment, a more expressive form to truly understand the profound feelings.


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Justin Bieber’s new documentary is a compilation of his past four years and it touches upon so many aspects of his life. We only view the glossy and glamour part of the scintillating music but there are a billion obstacles, odds, and instances we are clueless about. 

The footage touches on a lot of domains from the quiet strolls in his hometown, to the ravishing marriage and fighting the battle against Lyme disease. It is very heart-warming to watch. The documentary was released on the 27th of January, 2020.

He touches upon the most important part of every individual’s life that is mental health and wellbeing. This subject is often neglected and ignored. A lot of people facing troubles try to hide their issues because they get jitters about mockery they would face. 

Braun quotes the following “Mental health is a very important part of Seasons. I hope people understand that by seeing Justin share, they can share too. Our vulnerability is our strength.” 

Braun has been a preeminent part of Seasons. The record has been produced by Poo Bear (Jason Boyd) and Ryan Good. It is indeed a bold step to let the world be a part of your bubble and to speak up about your private life which is not a bed of roses.

Seasons gave us a reality check and made us realize the importance of hard work to achieve fame. Are you moved by this wonderful concept? Express your emotions in the comment box below. 

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