Netflix’s The Stranger: Jumbled But Juicy? Details And More.

While the world dissolves more and more into dystopia, the stories chronicling this dystopian world keep getting better. With new thrillers emerging almost every month, Netflix manages to keep us hooked to our laptop screens, binge-watching and screaming in fright and frustration in the night. And one such thriller is The Stranger, streaming on Netflix right on.

The Stranger: An Insider Look

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The Stranger aired on the 30th of January and well, there was a lot to unpack. A story of intrigue and horror, The Stranger is one for the books. The story starts with the lives of Adam and Corrine and their two sons. Everything seems perfect, and Corrine has just recently come to realize that she’s pregnant, and the family couldn’t be happier.

That is until she loses it. The family goes into despair, and somehow, they manage to come out of it. Broken and bruised, but they can handle.

All is not perfect in the Price family 

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They seem to handle it well enough till Adam makes it to a bar one day for some day-drinking, and meets a woman there. Hold up; this isn’t your run-of-the-mill extramarital affair. The lady is in her 20’s with light blue eyes, and she doesn’t make any semblance of striking up a conversation with Adam. She begins by questioning the legitimacy of his wife’s claim of losing the child. When Adam is rightfully enraged, she backs off and implores him to confront his wife. Before Adam can even ask her her name, she’s gone.

Of course, curiosity gets the best of Adam, and he confronts Corrine. It turns out, the mysterious stranger was right. Corrine had indeed faked the pregnancy, but she refuses to tell him why. A few days later, she goes missing, launching her family into a state of panic and leading adam to believe that there is more to the story the stranger told him. Meanwhile, more and more people are getting encountered by a mysterious stranger who’s telling them damning secrets about their loved ones and its only a matter of time before everybody’s picture-perfect semblance of a family and life comes crashing down.

This thriller takes the idiom “secrets could kill” and takes it to another level, with the story also featuring a murder, but hey, no spoilers! Let us know how you found the movie in the comments below!

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