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Ragnarok: On Its Way Or Not

One of the most gossiped about Netflix original was released on 31st January 2020 worldwide. Just as all the Netflix originals, all the episodes of the first season were released on the same day.

What is Ragnarok exactly?

Ragnarok is a Norwegian TV drama series that is inspired by Norse mythology and draws parallels between the life of the Norse God Thor and the show’s main character Magne.


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Source: Wired

Magne is a teenager who moves to a new city Edda with his mother and brother.
Magne soon realizes that he has some superpowers and can predict the weather patterns.
The show connects the present time scenario of climate change to the Norse mythology’s legend apocalypse Ragnarok. As the debut season of the show came to end, it was made clear that only Magne can save his town by his powers from an eventual apocalypse.

Would there be a season 2 and when?

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Source: Medium

Netflix hasn’t released the ratings of the show yet as it’s very early days. But people who have binge-watched it have voiced their hopes of a season 2 on various social networking sites. Netflix doesn’t usually announce renewals and cancellations of the show until a few months later of their release and it’s the same case with Ragnarok.
Netflix hasn’t announced anything yet but it’s expected to have another season.

What to expect?

When the first season ended, it was evident that the troubles have just begun for Magne and his town. So although there haven’t been any new announcements, there’s still a lot to look forward too.
Magne’s brother Laurits may eventually be seen to follow in the footsteps of the Norse God of mischief ‘Loki’.
The fans of the show ( me included) have a lot to look out for in the next season, and we all are eagerly waiting.

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