One of the fan-favorites and wild-card entries summers was The Witcher Season Two. With a narrative very similar to the hit series Game of Thrones, The Witcher managed to pull people in and then kept them there with its fantastic lore.

The creators set the first season in a myriad of locations, with diverse characters and engaging backstories. Because of the incredibly well-received first season, the streaming giant, Netflix has confirmed the series for a second season. More on this below.

Shooting for Season Two

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Set in rural Scotland for the majority of the series, the show is now set to begun shooting for season two in Eastern Europe and predominantly Poland. This move by the production team has massively pleased the original polish fanbase, wherefrom the folklore of The Witcher originates.

Writer and creator of The Witcher book series Andrzej Sapkowski said in a recent interview that he adapted folk from his polish heritage to create The Witcher. Featuring mythical creatures like dragons, vampires, elves and more, The Witcher is a healthy blend of normal people and unnatural creatures to create a world that mesmerizes as much as it scares.

The Characters and their Connections:

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Henry Cavill stars as the Witcher, with supporting roles by Anya Chalotra and Freya Allen playing Yennefer of Vengerburg and Cirilla of Cilantro respectively. The series explores their stories in a non-linear story-telling style and leaves the audience to figure out the right order of things.

Their stories collide in the final episodes, explaining the story of how the destinies of all these characters are bound to each other by the deeds they have committed. The story also explores all kinds of landscapes, with Yennefer travelling across deserts and mountains to escape evil magicians. In contrast, Ciri goes to the Amazons in a bid to escape the Nilfguardians.  Geralt however, stays with and on his trusty steed Roach, exploring what is now, modern-day Poland, and killing monsters on the way.

Season 2 of The Witcher premieres in 2021, exclusively on Netflix.


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