The Arrow’s Season Ending’s Ode To The First Season Shown As An Easter Egg

Based on DC Comics character, Green Arrow, American superhero television series developed by Greg Berlanti is filled with dramatic twists. It’s Jam-packed with action scenes, engaging characters and strong plotting. 

Season one to seven consisted of a total of twenty-three episodes. However, season eight had only ten episodes. The series first premiered in October 2012 and the last episode aired on the 28th of January 2020.

Season One’s Easter Egg!

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Source: Polygon

You might have missed this primary reference of season one in the series finale. In season seven, the Monitor played by LaMonica Garrett takes an older Felicity through to a secret place so that she sees Oliver again. The finale episode revealed the whole story of Monitor.

So, Oliver did indeed die on Infinite Earths. However, in the future, Felicity lets the Monitor kill her so gets to be with Oliver. Furthermore, Felicity and Oliver have a conversation in the final scene. 

This reunion is a reference to the first as well as the third season. Oliver saw Felicity for the first time ever in Moira’s office, which is where the setting is. A flashback in season three revealed that Oliver caught a glimpse of Felicity in Moira’s office. Also, In the final episode, Oliver and Felicity were in the exact same clothes they wore back in season one when they met for the first time. 

At Oliver’s funeral, the series finale honored all the previous seasons by depicting a lot of familiar faces. These included Moira played Susanna Thompson, she died back in season two, Tommy played by Colin Donnell who died in season one, and many more.

It also featured Oliver’s flashbacks from season one like the beginning of his friendship with Diggle played by David Ramsay. The finale consisted of multiple guest appearances, callbacks, easter eggs and a lot more!

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