Tyler Perry’s A Fall From Grace Gets An Astonishing Audience Of 26th Million On Netflix In The First Week!

The new thriller was released on January 17 on Netflix and has already earned over 26 million views on the portal. The same happened only in the first week. The writer-producer-director Tyler Perry revealed the number on social media at the beginning of this week. Netflix also confirmed the given statistics.


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Source: Fast Company

A Fall From Grace is a movie about a divorced woman who is broken to hear about her husband’s extramarital affair, but she found a new feeling of romance. Through the story, many secrets reveal, which turns her life upside down. The show stars a solid cast including Crystal Fox, Phylicia Rashad, Tyler Perry and Mehcad Brooks. Tylor Perry also shared how grateful he is to get such an appreciation to form the audience and how he always wanted his works to inspire such a large number.

Other Statistics

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

Netflix does not usually share its statistics with the public, but this was a very start achievement. The last time, Sandra Bullock starred, Bird Box was successful in earning 26 million views. The next in the race is the 10-time Oscar-nominated, The Irishman, which hit the 17 million mark over the first weekend. The movie Murder Mystery earned the highest-grossing by Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.

The craze of calculating the earnings for the releases in cinema halls is being taken over by Netflix releases. The audience is more than satisfied by Netflix and its programs. It was Tyler Perry’s first movie in collaboration with Netflix, and the fans are very proud to see such a substantial achievement.

What filmmaker have to say

The filmmaker took the twitter on his back when he stated how he was “blown away” by the news. He thanked his “army” for supporting and working with him. Despite feeling ignored by Hollywood, Tyler came out with flying colors of 26 million worth. The movie, if rolled in cinema halls, might have earned a lot of money.

But sure, the streaming movies of Netflix attracts more audience as compared with the audience lined up to collect tickets in the halls. The film gained a massive social media outbreak which encouraged a larger audience to go and watch it.

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