What Does Lana Wilson Have To Say About Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana?

Netflix launched Taylor swift’s Miss Americana on 31st January 2020, directed by Lana Wilson. She has filmed some of Swift’s life-changing moments. Starting from her reputation stadium tour to the making of the song lover, Wilson shows Taylor is not like any other pop star.

What did Wilson think about Taylor Swift when she first saw her?

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Wilson told Elle her first impression of Taylor as –  she’s extraordinarily kind and generous and smart and funny. Also, she loves that Taylor wanted the show from Wilson’s perspective and never invaded in the middle. During the filming, she also got to know about her creativity and dedication towards music.

Why was Swift’s feud with the Big Machine Label not included?

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Wilson revealed they faced problems for airing the show after Swift left Scott Borchetta’s Big Machine Label. Borchetta and Braun declined using Swift’s music on the documentary. But she didn’t include it in the show as according to Wilson there wasn’t anything she could show that the audience doesn’t know about the feud. Wilson wanted to show the world something that people still don’t know about Taylor.

Wilson’s point of view on Kanye insulting Swift on 2009 VMAs

She shows the Kanye swift feud on 2009 MTV VMAs, which changed Swift’s life forever. “People booing you on what was this incredibly exciting big night for your career would be devastating to anyone,” Wilson said in the Interview. People’s appreciation and their gratifying response was everything Taylor used to live on.

How did Wilson decide which songs to include and when?

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Wilson wanted to use songs that carry a more in-depth, emotional meaning like “Getaway Car” and “Clean.” She used those songs in the perfect context of the story. For example, She included “Getaway Car,” a song about freedom when she finished the reputation album. Clean is about the time Swift had a sexual assault and its trial period. Wilson used this song after Swift talked about this phase of her life. She ended the documentary on the soundtrack of “The Archer.”

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