Here’s Everything That The Disney Fanatics Should Know About The New Mulan Movie

Mulan, the iconic animated series by Disney was pretty well acclaimed when it got released in 1998, and now, we have good news about it. The most awaited live-action remake of the movie is on the way, and the fans cannot wait. The trailer was released on January 28, and once you watch it, you will know that the movie will be a blockbuster.

One can watch the trailer here,

What The Trailer Tells About Mulan

The trailer tells a lot about the movie, and the storylines up as in the series. 1998 musical claims to be remade exactly by the director, Niki Caro. The story is about a girl who tries to impersonate a man to fight against the Chinese Military. At the same time, she tries to ward off the Hun invasion.

What Mulan Is About

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The movie is based on the Chinese legend Hua Mulan. Mulan was initially planning to release in December, last year, but the fans haven’t heard about the release confirmation since then. But the good news is, that we have the dates now. The movie will be releasing in March 2020.

The lead role in the film will be played by Liu Yifei, who is better known by her roles in The Forbidden Kingdom and The Assassins. Other actors are Donnie Yen and Gong Li who will be playing the villain. Jet Li will play the role of Emperor in the movie.

Some More About The Movie

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The soundtrack of the movie has not finalised yet, and the director of the film was heard talking that the film might not even feature any soundtrack. Jerry Goldsmith produced the original soundtrack of the Mulan series with songs like “Reflection”, “Honor to Us All” and “ I’ll Make A Man Out of You”.

The fans are a little disappointed to know that the movie will not be a musical and also that their childhood star Li Shang will not be having a role in it. The film will not do not have a white protagonist.

The other stars in the movie will be Utkatarsh Ambudkar, Xana Tang and Chum Ehelepola. As stated above, the film will release on March 27, 2020.

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