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Home Movies Highly anticipated Mulan character posters are here! Here's what fans can expect...

Highly anticipated Mulan character posters are here! Here’s what fans can expect and updates


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Disney manages to do it again. Ever since the release of the streaming giant, Disney Plus, Disney has only managed to roll out iconic movies and TV shows. The release of shows like The Mandalorian and release of teasers of the Marvel Entertainment TV shows show that Disney isn’t planning on stopping soon. And soon to be another feather in their cap is the live-action version of 1988 animated feature film Mulan of the same name.

The Story:

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Source: HN Entertainment

The Emperor of China issues a decree to help in the war effort, commanding each family of the land to contribute one man. Masquerading as a man, her path is riddled with potholes she must harness struggle and transform into her true self.

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It is a journey that will transform her into an honoured soldier and will gain her the pride of her ailing father. “Mulan” features a celebrated cast that stars: Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee, Yoson An, Gong Li and Jet Li Niki Caro directs the film. The movie is based on an old Chinese tale named the “Ballad of Mulan”.

The show seems to shift from the old animated narrative, and sticks to its ancient Chinese legends, honouring the Biblical tale of Mulan. This comes in the wake of Disney’s decision to keep stories of the old as authentic to their original heritage as much as they can.

The Poster:

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Source: IMDb

Mulan shall never is a good bride, but a new set of Mulan character posters show that she is the perfect soldier and an ideal warrior, inside and out.

Disney recently released new Mulan posters of the characters of the remake, all of them in their warrior garb, with a shiny blade next to half a profile of their face.

The other half seems to show Mulan’s true identity, that of a warrior, in the blade. Revealing the fact that her true self is not that of the bride and lady Mulan, but that of warrior Mulan, and that she would be the chesspiece that would connect them all.

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