The Screening For Movie “Emma” In NYC : Attendees

The movie “Emma” was filmed on the Whitby Lodge on Tuesday night in Ney York Metropolitan. The movie stars Anya Taylor, Mia Goth, Josh O’Conner and Miranda Hart. The movie is about a strong and intelligent woman, Emma Woodhouse, who does not have any rivals in the city she lives in. She lives a very queen-bee life in her sleepy little city.

The Plot of Emma

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In this satire of social class, Emma is a journey of searching for love. But she always ends up with the wrong person. The little does she realise that her true love has always been along with her.

The movie is about Jane Austin’s beloved comedy and a woman’s search for her equal. It teaches us how a person should aim at building his or her happy ending. The movie screens at the pleasant surroundings of Whitby Lodge and many celebrities made this occasion a worth attending. All the attendees appreciated the screening.

Who All Attended The Screening

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The lead of the movie, Anya Taylor, did show up along with her co-star  Invoice Nighty. The director Autumn de Wilde and the Focus Options chairman Peter Kujawski also came. At the same time, they were joined by president Robert Walak and Vice-chairman Jason Cassidy. The attendee’s list included the Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. The Manifest star Luna Blaise also joined. And Lena Corridor, the Tony award winner also showed her presence.

More About The Screening

The auspicious screening was glittered by the fantastic and designer outfits worn by the actors and filmmakers that attended the event. The actors and directors were thrilled with the response. The creators said that they are looking forward to doing more projects like this in future which inspires today’s generation’s women.

The actors are looking forward to nominations in various categories. However, they are happy to be part of a journey that the movie gave them. They are satisfied to share the achievement with the world.

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