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Top Gun 2: Why Does Iceman’s Role Need To Be Bigger Than Just Dying

The new Top Gun movie’s trailer is on our screens, and we cannot wait for Tom Cruise to get back with the film after 33 years the first movie came out. The 57 years old actor does not disappoint us in the trailer as he seems to be walking while wearing his charming smile with that bomber jacket. The trailer progresses, and we can see Cruise putting Captain Pete “Maverick” in the cockpit when they are getting ready for the catapult launch.

About New Top Gun

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Source: YouTube

The Top Gun sequel, Top Gun: Maverick will hit the theatres after 34 years the first film did. It will be a sequel to the original movie. The sequel is filming in San Diego and will show Maverick at the Top Gun Academy again where the actor became the instructor in the first film.

What The Trailer Says

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The trailer suggests that the character of Van Kilmer, the Iceman will die in the new Top Gun. They indicate that the character should have been given a more significant fate than death. In the first top gun movie, Van plays the role of Iceman, a hotshot officer who after some time, becomes the rival of Maverick. The rivalry grew as we move forward in the movie as both were trying to prove that they were the best.

Why Iceman Should Not Be Dead

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Source: The Sun

The trailer shows a shot where Cruise and Maverick paying respect at a funeral where one of the coffins identifies as Iceman. At the same time, none of the released trailers shows Iceman. The same support the idea that Iceman would either be dead or he will die in the first few minutes of the movie. Although, by watching the trailer, it seems that the death of the character might pull off the story.

The fans say that there is no harm in killing the character if he dies to solve a bigger purpose. The fans are already in love with this character from the first movie and seem to be disappointed by the above-stated fact. However, the pain of death will not feel strongly if the character is given enough screen time in the new film.

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