Why Has Ross Butler Not Been Shown In The “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” Sequel Trailer

Netflix has a perfect valentine’s gift for its dear subscribers as it presents to us the sequel of the movie “To all the boys I’ve loved before”. The sequel is titled “To all the boys I’ve loved before: P.S I still love you”. The official release date for the movie is 12th February 2020.

The heart-warming high school love story is making a comeback with a major twist in the plot. Aren’t love triangles the most entertaining to watch?


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The protagonist Lara Jean will be played by the stunning and beautiful Lana Condor while the role of Peter will be played by Noah Centineo.

We also have a sweet surprise as the 13 reasons why and Riverdale actor Ross Butler will appear in the film playing the role of Trevor Pike who is supposed to be Peter’s best buddy.

The producer of the movie, Matt Kaplan quoted the following about the new addition to the cast “Ross Butler’s real-life friendship with Noah brings natural chemistry and great rapport to the set, and we can’t wait for fans to see this friendship play out onscreen.”

We will also be seeing a lot of John Ambrose McClaren who will be played by Jordan Fisher.


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Things are not as smooth as they used to be between Lara and Peter. With the addition to a new lover boy in her life, John, things are bound to get more abstruse.

John was Lara’s junior school crush and she might consider the idea of having him back in her life.

What To Expect

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John and Peter are going to battle royal for the sweet lady. And for a fact they are not going to give up easily but who will ultimately carry the day?

Are you enthralled to enjoy this Valentine’s Day with a ravishing love story? Share your expectations and views in the comment section below!

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