Highest Grossing Films of 2020: Predictions and More!

2020 is here and so are a massive slew of movies just waiting to be watched. From the sequel to Wonder Woman to Black Widow, there is a whole volley of films on our lists here in 2020. And what’s a better way to chronicle them than to make a countdown list? So here is our list of the English movies that are sure to hit the top-grossing club.

Beginning with –

Venom 2

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Venom first came out in the year 2018, and managed to win and scare hearts alike. With the frighteningly realistic portrayal of a superhero and his symbiote, Tom Hardy played the part to perfection. The movie ended racking up an impressive 885 million dollars in America and internationally. While there has always been a little fear of films and their sequels amongst the directors of Hollywood; Sequels never turn out to be great, we do hope that the sequel to this fantastic box office hit manages to surprise us just as much as its predecessor did. If not more.


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While Disney has always been at the forefront with its popular comics and perfect characters, there has been another production hard at work to surpass it: Pixar. With stories from imperfect places made into masterpieces, Pixar always leaves us with tears in our eyes and a smile in our hearts. With movies like Inside Out and Up, we’re sure that its new movie Soul, shall follow in the same footsteps and leave us happily full.

The Eternals

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Releasing in November, The Eternals is another part of the Marvel franchise and comic books that haven’t been explored. Though there have been relatively fewer murmurs of this movie now, we’re sure, and whispers are going to surface in a few months. We couldn’t be more excited for this movie! And considering the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been producing masterpieces consistently, this is sure to be another blockbuster.

No Time to Die

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James Bond is back and at it again! The longest James Bond ever played by one actor, Daniel Craig is back for what is probably the final James Bond movie. With rumours of the villain being the magnificent Idris Elba, we’re sure that this movie has got to be the one that shatters even the highest record barrier for a blockbuster.

Wonder Woman 1984

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The first movie was the one to begin a revolution. With little girls finally having that one superhero to represent them, this movie changed hearts and changed lives. With the multi-talented and versatile Gal Gadot and visionary director Patty Jenkins, the first movie turned out to be DC’s first blockbuster since The Dark Knight Rises. And now with the second movie coming out soon, we couldn’t be more excited to see what’s in store for us!

Comment below if you believe there are any other movies that you think would break the blockbuster barrier!

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