Hotstar is Disney’s Weapon Against Netflix And Prime In India

Disney has always been famous among the audiences of TV series and Movies. They have always wanted that it has a portal over the online streaming services such as Netflix, Hotstar or Amazon Prime. There seems to be good news for Disney lovers.

The Good News

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As Disney announced that it would enable its streaming services from March 29 in India, the viewers have been more than happy. Walt Disney Co’s Disney+ streaming will happen of Hotstar. Hotstar is not as ahead in the race as the other streaming services are, but joining with Disney is a significant step towards development.

Disney acquired control over Hotstar when it got 71 billion dollars from the purchase of Twenty-First Century Fox in 2019. The same gives Disney, the entry that it deserved in the Indian market in partnership with Hotstar. This has attracted more than a hundred million subscribers. Hotstar had a massive set of free subscribers who supported the advertising services. But now, it is planning to turn them into paid subscribers.

What Hotstar Will Offer

Hotstar’s paid subscription allows us to stream a vast spectrum of programs, including those from HBO. These include “Chernobyl” and “Game of Thrones”. Ever since the release of such programs, Hotstar has been benefitted. The shows also earned a lot of success. Ever since the same, Hotstar plans on collaboration with a variety of production houses.

Disney+ Hotstar has a broad spectrum of programs to offer. The premium subscribers will be able to stream shows like “Star Wars” and “Loki” from Marvel. Also, one will be able to watch “The Mandalorian”. Disney’s Chief Executive, Bob Iger, is very excited to launch this program. He expects it to have a lot of success in a country like India.

What About The Competition

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The above acquisition will compete with Netflix and Amazon, a few of the most prominent American streaming companies. By collaborating with Disney, Hotstar plans to attract a lot of audiences, and hence they will prefer to stream movies and shows on Hotstar. The same might prove to be a classic move by Hotstar. However, the main reason behind this collaboration be, the fans of Disney are very excited.

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