Netflix’s Ragnarok: Doesn’t Give Marvel Much To Worry About

Netflix’s newest series Ragnarok is gaining quick fame. The series had made its debut on January 31st, 2020. It was expected to give a tough time to Marvel but so far there is nothing that can give stiff competition.

The Scandinavian series will be consisting of six parts. The emotional state of the teens resembles what Thor: Ragnarok created by devising Hulk as a giant, green adolescent.

The Plot

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The series is set in the town of Edda with extreme climatic conditions. The ice caps are melting like a bat out of hell. There are long stretches of time where people have to face the scarcity of food due to droughts.

The winters can get really sweltering and people have to constantly face cold bursts. This town seems to be heading to a new Ragnarok. Therefore, unless someone can find a way to intercept and freeze time.


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The series will be featuring the charismatic David Stakston as the teen Norse God, Magne. Jonas Strand Gravli cast for the role of Laurits will be playing the role of Magne’s brother. The Barn’s star, Henriette Steenstrup will be seen playing the role of Magne’s mother, Turid.

What We Feel About The Series

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The way of storytelling is a little prolonged with unexpected comical breathing spaces. The character explanation is not very unclouded.

Abandoning religion and battles between the lord and the giants are the prevailing parts of the series. Although the mixture of scintillating rock riffs, school dance and arm wrestling keeps the show going. But at some point in time, we really wish the show would resort to its main plot and solve the mess and give us the much-needed answers.

Do you think the series threw a stiff competition to Marvel or it could have done better? Let us know your pick in the comment section below.

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