Netflix’s The Stranger: Too Confusing For Viewers? Details And More

The Storyline

The main characters have a simple storyline. A ravishing stranger, Hannah John-Kamen, makes a sudden appearance out of nowhere to inform Adam Price an unnerving and vile secret about his wife.

The series is too muddled up with a billion secrets of its own which go wheels in wheels until the end of the show.

It’s intriguing to notice that the early murder on the series has not got much attention to rather the limelight focus on the deadly secret of Adam’s wife and his confrontation. As expected, she drops out of sight and nobody has a clue of her whereabouts.

These instances are imperative but the duration of every episode is too long and at some time it can bore the audience. If the plot was more sharp and stern, the audience would have been fascinated more than usual. Nobody likes a lot of unnecessary melodrama while solving crimes.

It is too abstract when the stranger demands a good amount of cash. A heavy price to pay to keep the secret from the world about the daughter’s secret escort.

The Ending

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As the series continues, we are well-versed with the stranger. We learn a great deal about her and at a point, it becomes easy to predict her identity. Therefore the interest level is more or less lost.

The number of coincidences and the plot twists seem to be extremely high and there are so many instances where two scenes have no connection with each other. Due to these reasons, the viewers find the show to be unsettling.

The ending, Stranger’s mission revealed was sort of haphazard. All the facts coming together did not answer all the question’s which were popped in our minds.

The Viewers View

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There are plenty of better shows in this genre that are more compelling. Did you find the whole show a little too muddled up? Share your perspective in the comment section below.

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