Orange Is The New Black Season 8: When Will The Show Return On Netflix? Air Date, Predictions And Updates

Piper Chapman is sentenced to prison for a year and a half after transporting the drug money to an ex-girlfriend. The time behind the bars gives a reality check on how jail can change so many things.

The Ending Of Season 7

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Pennsatucky is found overdosed on drugs because of her assumptions of failing the GED test. When her body is recovered by Taystee, it is discovered that she passed the test. This incident has emotions of both happiness and sadness linked to it.

Piper and Alex may have been distracted by other affairs but in the end, they are successful at preserving their relationship. Suzanne is still behind the bars but she learns to take things in a more optimistic way.

Gloria is set free from prison and gets her life together. Blanca has to escape the ICE again as her case is reopened but her lawyer helps her clear the case. But things do not really turn in her favour again while she tries to cross the border again. She’s left at the mercy of the wild in the desert.

Will There Be A Season 8?

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The news is not officially confirmed yet. It quite appears that the series had come to a natural end. Soules was really emotional while talking about the show. After all, 6 years is a long time and the show did establish a sentimental connection with the audience.

If season 8 comes to reality, it would concentrate on Frieda and Red. Since both of them are behind the bars at the end of the last season, Frieda would take care of Red and might even establish a recycling program at the prison.

Dale added that she would go back to work tomorrow if she is called. The show was a significant part of her life.

The Audience

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