Rangnarok: Details About Cast Of The Superhero Series!

For the generation of the people who are crazy for the marvel flicks like Sabrina, Arrow, Ragnarok could be a hit. The makers believe that the series could hit the bars of fan following. The fans are very interested to know what all the show has to bring. The main point is that the show has nothing to do with Marvel’s Thor series of Ragnarok. Some were also disappointed to read the show’s plot description.

The Setting of Ragnarok

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The show takes place in the Norwegian town and is a coming-of-age drama that would present a new angle to the Norse mythology. The plot goes like this, “The show takes place in the Norwegian grounds where the town is polluted and ruined by melting glaciers. It is a modern-day drama where a superhero is born to tackle all the evils.” The same could be seen on the Ragnarok website.

The Actors in Ragnarok

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The show stars David Stakston, who plays a titular role. He is known for his role in the show Skam. He plays the role of a man who shifts his lifestyle in Edda, the village the show revolves around. Getting to know all the problems of the place, he realises that he is a God. The story revolves around the same.

The other actors starring are, Jonas Strand Gravli, Herman Tømmeraas and Emma Bones. The series was released on 31st January 2020, and the reviews have been very raving although some people have appreciated it also.

What Reviews Say About The Show

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Still, the plot seems interesting, and the cast has played influential roles. The story shows a modern-day Thor who happened to be a saviour for a family named Jutuls, who appears to be secretly surviving with the old Norse Giants.

The show is a new step towards the superhero drama. It is always a favourite of the people who have considerable interests in superhero stories. It is different from the real-life thrillers, and the actions always excite the audience. The creators and the actors are hoping to get more response from the audience. The fans still tend to wonder where they have come across the actors before. However, the show faces a lot of competition on Netflix.

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