Bojack Horseman Netflix hit-series! Spoilers, Easter Eggs, Take-aways and more!

One of the most heart-breaking news from the year 2020, even though it has just begun, was the ending of the Bojack Horseman series: six seasons and a million different emotions.

One of the most controversial and quite arguably, one of the best TV shows to come out of this decade, Bojack Horseman is an extraordinarily metaphorical but real take on the world today. The world that lives between the glamour of Hollywood.

Spoiler Alert!

Beware, readers, the rest of this article is slowly ridden with spoilers so we’d suggest you turn back right now if you want to know Bojack’s fate on your own.

Bojack Finale: Both the best and worst ever.

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The Bojack Finale seems horrible at first. He is one of the few characters so well written that the only thing you can feel when it comes to Bojack is to love to hate him. And the writers remain consistent with that. When I first began season one, I had an utter dislike for Bojack, with the way he behaved and all the choices he took.

I hated what he represented: The American dream and its reality. And something about the way the writers kept him true to this persona of his annoyed me.

But above all, what managed to irk me the most was of how the Bojack Horseman had this ability to get under your skin. It made you face the harsh reality of life, and acknowledge that while presence always felt unfair, it could also be because you’d made it so.

Bojack Horseman: A lot to take away from an animated show.

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Bojack was an imperfect human being no doubt. With the way he was brought up, his mother leaving him estranged, he had the right to hate the rest of the world and remain bitter. But he also had the chance to change. To break the cycle and be a better person. To be kind to his friends, to whom he was anything but.

However, in the last two episodes, we see that he is finally living a life without putting his toxicity of on other people. We understand how his friends, Todd, and Jaime thrive in a world without him, and it’s up to him to accept the harsh reality of the life he has led until now.

The ending is not sad. There is an echoing melancholy instead. By the time we reach the penultimate episode of the series, we’re already missing the show altogether. However, everything finally feels right. Feels fair to everyone, including Bojack. His fate is left to be interpreted by the viewer, but it’s mostly implied that he goes to prison. The ultimate understanding of the show in itself is left to be understood by the viewer.

The ending feels right. And despite it all, we shall miss the show terribly, and will probably never move on from such a beautiful display.


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