Good Girls Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Cast And Updates

The Good Girls season 3 is going to premiere on NBC on February 16th, 2020. And the best part, season 3 will have a number of episodes than the previous 2 seasons. The show is also going to air on Netflix but the exact date hasn’t been announced yet.

The storyline revolves around three mothers of Michigan who have turned into criminals and the new season is bound to be filled with more twists and a lot more melodrama.

Previously On The Good Girls

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Source: TV Insider

Ruby isn’t interested in continuing her work after making a total mess of her relationship with her husband.

Beth is going to face complications while trying to persuade the other two, who are in a total dilemma, to incorporate the crime life and the new business which will go a long way.

What To Expect From The Coming Season?

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A new good girl is going to be added to the clique. Charlyne Yi would benefit the girls in making some extra cash. Her graphic design skills would add to the extra asset. But will she really be leeway to the girls?

With a questionable background, will she do help them or mess up their lives even more? We are more than excited to see her plots and understand her character.

Beth had fired a number of bullets into Rio and later on, Agent Turner had made a deal with the almost-dead Rio. He agreed to call 911 but only if Rio owed him a deal.

Will he make it out alive? There would new changes of course. He would be loyal to the FBI to take Beth down and end his romance with her. After all, nobody wants to live with someone who wanna slaughter them right?

The new season will pour a lot of drama into the show. Are you excited to take a spin in this dramatic world? Let us know your expectations in the comment section below.


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