Hotstar is Disney’s weapon against Netflix and Prime in India

Hotstar has had about 300 million active users for the last year. And now that Disney Plus is all set to debut in India on 29 March 2020, nothing can be better than it enjoying the very own Indian web browsing court of Hotstar.

Disney acquired the Hotstar market by paying a whopping $71 billion through Twenty-first Century Fox in 2019. It aims to convert the subscribers of Hotstar’s to paid subscriptions. Most of the subscribers of Hotstar are currently in for a free advertisement-supported subscription.

The Rivals

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Source: Lets OTT

With the boom of technology and craze for web series soaring high, a lot of new subscribers come from India. And the web browsing companies taking advantage of this are trying to attract users through lucrative and fresh shows.
Netflix and Amazon Prime have been screening a lot of original series which have a fresh concept and attract users.

Both Netflix and Prime have launched pocket-friendly subscription plans to attract subscribers especially the mobile users. For this, they have been launching mobile designed plans for subscription at a much lower rate.

With the potential demand and hunger for content streaming, India will be a highly demanded market for Disney. The Hotstar’s paid subscription already has a bunch of some excellent shows and movies. It also includes sports content. The Disney-Hotstar is all to set to launch two-tier subscription price variants. The premium one will have all its original content like the Star War series.

The pricing of all streaming companies is pretty much around the same block with a slightly higher-end for the Netflix premium subscription. We hope that Disney will be able to benefit from the very own India streaming site to gain its paid audience base in India. We also hope that it will create some high-quality content for Indian audiences.


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