Netflix Denies Spending $100 Million On Oscar 2020 Campaigns

Netflix’s Journey To Oscar Awards

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The most awaited award function, Oscar, is right around the corner and Netflix has performed brilliantly by securing 24 nominations this year. The streaming platform has overtaken Disney+ and Sony Pictures in terms of numbers.

It has been estimated that Netflix has blown about 100 million dollars to press the flesh for The Irishman and Marriage Story. This figure is colossal and walloping.

This seems to be a bizarre figure as the classic studios spend about 5 to 20 million dollars for the award show campaigns. Maybe this could be a good investment after all to increase the subscriber count!

Has Netflix Spent A Fortune?

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Netflix’s lead-off person of original films has denied all claims on spending that amount. He said: “I don’t think we’re doing anything that everyone else isn’t doing”.

Netflix has deep pockets as it has spent about 160 million dollars for the production of The Irishman. It shouldn’t be surprising to see Netflix invest in the royal ceremony.

Glamour And Glitz

The lavish parties at resplendent venues to become notable are not uncommon in the world of Hollywood. After celebrating the former achievements, Netflix has invested a good amount in infomercials. The platform is doing everything in power to the party yet once again.

We must admit that Netflix is very smart when it comes to devising its strategies. They have targeted the audience in certain cities. These are the cities where the maximum number of people will be voting for the Oscars. From Madrid to Tokyo, Sydney to New London, they have covered it all.

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They’ve made specials, extras, and podcasts in addition to the movies to promote their best nominations. The extra effort put in deserves appreciation and recognition.

But will the movies grab the title? What is your prediction about the legendary awards this year? Share your guess in the comment section below.

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