Netflix Moving Latin American Base To Mexico As Ambitions Grow


Netflix is all set to move its Latin American headquarters to Mexico City. It will also incorporate the office staff. Perhaps, it’s because of the growing ambitions to transmit service in the region.

Latin America Base To Mexico

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Netflix worked extremely hard for many years after it first expanded to Latin America back in the year of 2011. The issue with lack of personal credit cards and lack of reliable internet infrastructure did create multiple problems.

However, despite of all these problems, Netflix’s popularity has increased rapidly in recent years. Most of the credit for the increase in numbers goes to the growing list of original series in Spanish and Portuguese language. 

Netflix stated: “Consumers across the region have joined Netflix. With Mexico City as our base, we will be closer to the creative community and members throughout the region as we continue to invest in the best content of its kind that is appreciated in Latin America and around the world.”

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So, apparently, 90% of Netflix’s growth was due to the international markets just last year, 2019. Furthermore, the online streaming service added a total of 2.6 million customers in its home country last year. This was its worst performance since separated from DVD business by mail which was almost a decade ago.

Perhaps, it was this explosion outside the US which ultimately made Netflix to reconsider its hiring model. Most of Netflix’s decision making takes place in its two main offices, Los Gatos, California, and Los Angeles.

But the company executives have decided to integrate personnel in foreign markets. Consequently, Netflix opened all new offices in Paris, Singapore, Amsterdam, Tokyo, London and Spain.

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Although there will be an increase in diverse content, it might also lead to displacement. Since Netflix is going to invest 200 million dollars in Mexican productions in 2020, move to Mexico City will displace dozens of Netflix employees.

Furthermore, the company employs multiple employs who specialize in Latin America in Los Angeles and other offices. However, now they have to find a new job or move to Mexico City. 

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