Netflix’s New African Spy Thriller Hopes To Take The World By Storm

Netflix is always experimenting with the content it shows. If always tries new things and surprises its audience. This time, Netflix is planning to come up with a show that is run by an African spy. It will be the first time Netflix is bringing up a new show for a somewhat more unique set of audience.

What Queen Sono Is About

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The show is called Queen Sono and is about an African spy who fights against crimes like a superhero and at the same time, deals with the drama going in her personal life. The show stars Pearl Thusi in the titular role, and the audience already loves her. Netflix has released the trailer of the series, and the viewers are anticipating the new African spy pan-thriller.

The Creator Panel

The series is directed by actor and director Kagiso Lediga and the rest o the cast include Chi Mhende, Sechaba Morojele, Vuyo Dabula and many more. The series has signed a six-episode contract with Netflix in December 2018. Lediga is the executive producer of the project along with Tamsin Andersson.

Netflix has always been planning to come up with new content of African origin to attract more viewers from that region. The same is not only a general step towards showing some new content, but also a business step to expand its viewership. The show also features some African aesthetics which will keel the audience of African region connected to the show.

What Attracts The Audience

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The locations are all in Africa, and the viewers there also are in love with the actors involved. By showing a Jason Bourne-like attitude through a female African spy, the women seem to be inspired. The same might become a way of them dealing with social injustice. One can expect even more from the show.

People are already very excited to watch the trailer, and they can not seem to wait for the series. At the same time, the creators of the show are also very excited to display such compelling content online. They are saying in interviews and launches that they can not wait to work in more projects like Queen Sono.

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