The Best Netflix Original Horror Shows!

The Horror genre is liked the most by Netflix’s audience. People like having goosebumps in the middle of the nights while watching their favourite horror show and while eating cheese popcorns. Netflix has always been eager to publish new content and attracting a new audience who likes Thrill and Horror Stories. The horror movies like Hush, Conjuring, The Exorcist are the main attraction.

Some of Netflix’s best originals also defines the true meaning of “Horror”. However, people might confuse horror with the thriller. Zombies, Ghosts, Halloween is horror but “You” not, it is a thriller. Here are some shows that you must see if you are a fan of horror.


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It is a Dutch release that is a story about a secret society that inducts people into a spooky order. It is about a naïve girl that happens to come across this society and finds herself trapped in their set up. The turn of events haunt the girl, and she finds a way to get out of that.

Black Summer

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The next on the list is Black Summer. This show is worth a shot if you liked the setting of The Walking Dead. It has its taste and is different from the “normal” zombie series. It grows wild as it progresses, and you will not be able to sit at one place. The episodes are the short length and towards the end raises a lot of questions.

Haunting of the Hill House

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The very famous show gained a lot of appreciation in the world after its release. It is suitable for two types of audiences. One who always prefer a family drama and the other who is crazy about horror haunting house stories. The show teaches us family values and at the same time makes you jump out of your bed.


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The adaption of Bram Stoker novel with the same name, the series is created by those who created BBC’s most acclaimed Sherlock. The episodes are long, but they provide a good insight into the rivalry between the undead and the nemesis. The ending is as silly as it sounds and as spooky as it gets.


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We reach to Dark which technically qualifies as Science Fiction, but it turns up to be as good as horror. The German series is a show about a time travel adventure the events of which are no less than spooky. The series is dark, as the name suggests, eerie and breathtaking with its horror adventures.

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