The Witcher Swordsmith Has A Lot Of Requests Since The Netflix Show Aired

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The Witcher is a crowd-pleasing series trending on Netflix at the moment. It made its debut in December 2019. The storyline revolves around a witcher, Geralt of Rivia, who uses his mystic abilities to hunt werewolves.

His life becomes topsy-turvy when the wheel of fortune involves him with a delicate princess and a dauntless sorceress. The series has developed a huge fan base and the audience is captivated by the wondrous swords.

The Swordsmith

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Artur Wysocki has received plenitude of requests for a replica of the sword. His request box has been overflowing for the past couple of days and it is going to continue. He is the only person who has received the permit by CD Project Red to make the replica of the sword.

He doesn’t keep the swords for selling as usual but he charges a commission for special requests. The number of orders received this year is huge and will keep him occupied for the rest of the year.

The silver swords like the Mastercrafted Wolven Silver Sword, are actually made of steel but they can be vitalized by using silver as well. It would be an out of the ordinary present for a devoted fan. The silver polish will give the sword a ravishing look.

Artur charges about 400 and 900 Euros and he also ships out of Poland. Since he does custom orders, you can personalize your swords with specific dimensions or engravings.

Do You Want One For Yourselves?

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But we must admit that he is doing a fantastic job in crafting the swords. Kaer Morhen Forge site is your paradise to place the order to have a personalized sword and make your dream come together.

What do you feel about the obsession over these wonderful swords and do you wish to possess one? Let us know your take on this in the comment section below.

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