The Worst Movies On Netflix Right Now

Netflix is home to a variety of content. The subscribers take it as a boom where they can watch any movie at any time. Netflix, at the same time, offers good content not only in film but also in T.V. shows and reality series. Many films like The Irishman and Marriage Story, have also been picked up from Netflix and dropped in the Oscar nominations list. On the other hand, It has offered critically acclaimed shows like BoJack Horseman, and Orange Is the New Black that is loved even by the audience.

But every coin has two sides. Netflix has to provide a home to a few movies which might not be liked by a lot of people. Many viewers have submitted their reviews for some videos that are very difficult to watch and can very easily be avoided. The only hard work is to list them out.

The Emoji Movie

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Everyone loves animated films, but there is a specific limit to which this love can be exceeded. The Emoji Movie is an idea that did sound horrible on paper, but the maker’s forces to build it into a picture. The movie features an excellent cast including James Corden but still seems to be very dull and unfunny.

The Kissing Booth

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It is the most overrated movie trending right now on Netflix. Starring Joey King, Joel Courtney and Jacob Elordi, it is a teenage drama and comedy like any other basic chick flick. The viewers admire the cast. The movie is also known to be most-watched in the country, but the critics say that it is a terrible movie.

The Outsider

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The 2018 movie, The Outsider is a Jared Leto movie which was one that was not acclaimed by many people. It stars Jared Leto as an American G.I. The setting is in the post-World-War II era in Japan. The movie has a good start but has not quite explained many points. One can start watching it with patience that it might lead somewhere but will be left with disappointment towards the end.

Barely Lethal

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The movie stars Hailey Steinfeld as a teenage special agent Megan Walsh who is so fed up fighting crimes that she tries to escape from that world. She fakes her death and enrols herself into high school to get a healthy life. The film is stuffed with clichés and proved to be no new.

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