Why Is Netflix Ending The Crown At Season 5?

Netflix has been streaming Crown since a very long time, and it has gained a lot of appreciation throughout the world. Many celebrities, including actress Deepika Padukone, put up a review of the new season of the show on Instagram. The show earned 26 Emmy nominations after its fifth season caught the eyes of the audience.

What Was The Decision

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Netflix has decided to wrap up the show because the expenses that are increasing as the show is ageing. The report says that Netflix announced the end to the show on 31 January 2020 the same day when it ended the season 6 of BoJack Horseman. Crown and BoJack were both two of the longest-running Netflix originals, and there is no doubt to the fact that the people are very disappointed.

Crown is Netflix’s priciest show online, and now Netflix cannot afford to stream it. Netflix signs an agreement to all the creators and actors in the show to pay them via ownership points. It seems that these points have increased with the show’s progress. Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos wanted to move the show forward. The same was the motive of Peter Morgan.

News About The Crown

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The first three seasons of Crown are available on Netflix to stream. It is also reported that the production of the fourth season is on the way. Last week, Netflix had one more announcement that now, Imelda Staunton would be taking over as Queen Elizabeth from Olivia Colman. The actress herself shared the same news in her Tweet.

Olivia Colman had been regarded as the lead in the show since it got on Netflix. She has won Golden Globes for her role as well. Fans are eager to continue with the Crown, but Netflix could not find any other option.

What The Viewers Wish

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There is no doubt to the fact that many audiences have been disappointed, but they should not lose hope ever. There have been many cases where Netflix had to cancel the shows after a few seasons, but this time, it will be hardest to forget the same. We hope that the other acclaimed series do not face the same drama.

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