Indian scientist in Australia brings us closer to a Coronavirus Vaccine

A doctor originating from Tamil Nadu claims to have created the cure to the killer disease, Coronavirus. He claims that this medicine is herbal in origin and India is called ‘Ayurveda’. Coronavirus first originated in Wuhan, China and till now has no effective treatment to eradicate or cure it.

An Ayurvedic Cure

Dr Thanikasalam Veni of Rathna Siddha hospital has 25 years of medical experience in Ayurveda and claims to have the cure to the deadly disease. He spoke to ANI recently, saying, “We have created medicine from extracting juices from an assortment of herbs. It is a medicine which is popularly used to cure any viral fever.

While Coronavirus does not have any cure, we here have a medicine which is a cure for dengue, liver failure and acute multi-organ fever.”The doctor claimed that while it didn’t completely eradicate the disease itself, it could cure the infections caused by the virus between 24 to 40 hours.

“When we treated dengue affected patients, as we didn’t have any people actively suffering from Coronavirus, many patients had recovered within days. The medicine cured patients with reduced platelets count, acute liver failure, immunity deficiency and low white blood cell count” he said.

Ready to Help when needed.

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Source: The Live Mirror

He added that he was very confident that the medicine would be able to cure Coronavirus too. The doctor went on to say that he would be willing to help the state government and central government and even China if required.

He was quoted saying, “If the central government requires I’m ready to give the medicine. Also, if China needs it, I am ready to fly to Wuhan with medicine.”

State declares no emergency or confirmed cases.

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On the other hands, Health Minister C.Vijayabaskar said that the state had prepared itself well and was taking all preventive and precautionary steps to tackle possible infections.

“So far, there haven’t been any confirmed cases in the state. There is no need to panic, and all that is needed is that the people to have a calm and alert mind.”

The virus which presently doesn’t have any vaccine was reported on the 16th of January in Japan, the first case outside China and its other territories.

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