Netflix Psychological Thriller The Devil All The Time’s Plot, Air Date And More!

Netflix’s upcoming psychological thriller, the Devil all the time produced by the always fantastic Jake Gyllenhaal is coming to a laptop near you! Directed by Antonio Campos, its definitely going to be a smasher hit. 

The movie is packed with an all-star cast. Furthermore, every single name associated with the film is already famous or talented or versatile or all of these things. Based on a novel of the same name, the movie is set in between the end of World War II and the beginning of the Vietnam War in Ohio. 

Air Date 

We’ve got a date! The Devil All the Time is all set to arrive on Netflix on the 15th of May, 2020. Also, it will be available for all Netflix regions to stream. There’s a good chance that the film might debut in a film festival or two. 

Plot Details

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The movie will follow a non-linear storyline. Not only is it set in Southern Ohio but also West Virginia. The story follows a bunch of disturbed characters as they suffer from the damages of the post-war.

There’s a tormented veteran of the carnage in the South Pacific, who’s unable to save his beautiful wife, from death by cancer no matter what he does. Then there’s a husband-and-wife duo who are serial killers. Two other characters, one of them crippled, are running from the law. 

Last but not least, there’s Arvin Eugene Russell, a good but violent man who’s caught in the middle of all this. 

Cast Details 

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The film features the best of best actors. These include Tom Holland as Arvin Russell, Sebastian Stan as Lee Bodecker, Robert Pattinson as Preston Teagardin, Bill Skarsgård as Willard Russell, Mia Wasikowska as Helen Hatton and Eliza Scanlen as Lenora Laferty. 

Jason Clarke as Carl Henderson, Riley Keough as Sandy Henderson, Haley Bennett as Charlotte Russell, Harry Melling as Roy Laferty, Douglas Hodge as Tater Brown and Jason Collett as Gary Matthew Bryson are also included. 

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