Netflix’s Love Is Blind Confirmation That Reality TV Dating Is Fake News!

The new reality show, Love is Blind, is Netflix’s top trending today. The show introduces new people to their newfound love without even knowing how those people look like. This show is a complete opposite of what we see in the case of online dating. The people have new and various understandings of the show.

About The Show

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The show revolves around the real-life contestants and how they find their love in everyone they meet. The hosts of the show, present two different sets of people on the show who come searching for their desires on this show. All they have to is to talk to the people through a blind, cutting the stereotypes of outer beauty.

The characters seem to be very happy to meet their better halves, known for a fact, some of them propose to the other person without even knowing how they look like. The show does turn out good to some people, but on the other hand, some people are left with the feeling of hopelessness and despair at the end.

How The Show Proceeds

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No matter what the situations are in the show, its people manage to cope up with all ups and downs. The show seems to restore faith is the religion of some people, but some speculate that tv reality dating might be fake, which the show presents just for the viewership.

Do the viewers argue what is wrong in that? The characters might as well written, and they might not, in reality, marry each other, but the show has gained a lot of appreciation all over the world. The newly found mixture of The Circle and The Proposal seem to excite the audience about what is going to be their next move.

What The Viewers Think

No matter whether the show is scripted or not, it does help us to regather our belief systems about love. The audience has shown their appreciation, and they love to wait and see people falling in love with each other. Whether the dating part in fake or not, the people seem to enjoy the fact that the people dress up and visit a popular place and meet each other.

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