Rick and Morty Plot Hole! Fans Spot A Major Problem With Rick’s Car!

All types of audience and people love the show Rick and Morty cannot get enough of their shenanigans. The show introduces us to various science fictional facts. The offbeat animated series is known for his strong script and connections between the episodes. But the smarter fans have figured out a plot hole in the show.

Who Did That

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One of the viewers has figured out a plot hole in one of the episodes in the second season of the show. The event where Rick and Morty go to an Adult Swim venture. The same episode is one of the darkest scenarios. The name of the episode is Ricks Must Be Crazy.

It is when Rick tells Morty and Summer that his car runs on some energy produced by a trapped micro verse. The planet they visit is a strange one, and the newly found Universe is on the verge of attacked by a violent coup. Then Rick also says something more about the Universe that it gets charged by even smaller universes.

Where Is The Hole

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Rick takes Morty by surprise, and he is fascinated by the details that Rick shares with him about the planet. But at the same time, it raises so many existential conundrums for Morty. The story progresses with Rick and Morty talking more about Rick’s car’s battery while Summer is with tricked Space Cruiser.

But the loophole occurs when the audience realizes that if the car’s battery works on the fritz, then how come the car can go to extreme lengths to keep Summer safe. So the question remains, what is charging the car while it is protecting Summer? The viewer speculated that it could be n auxiliary battery or some wizard driving it.

What The Creators Have To Say

The first instinct goes with the story, and a secondary power source is very predictable for a person like Rick. But the writers are speculating that the wizard thing might be interesting. So they answered that the car’s mechanism would be working through its artificial intelligence mechanism which helped it to go through protecting Summer.

The episode seems to reflect some scientific points that excite the audience to extreme lengths.

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