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This is us season 4: Spoilers and More! Everything that we know!

The second half of the hit show This Is Us released a few days ago, and we couldn’t be more excited. The show that explored the story of three triplets and their lives as they grew up, all the while showing us how experiences can be so, so different. Of how what you intend may not happen, and life shall most definitely take you on a completely different path.

New Revelations:

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Source: NBC News

A few months leading up to Season Four, the writers of This Is Us revealed in an interview that there should be a lot of further turmoil in the character’s lives in the new season. They said that there would be a few characters whose relationships shall be tried and tested to the limit. So we would suggest that you keep a tissue box in handy with you.

This is Us Season 4 returned with a bang on January 14 2020. The first had kicked off on September 24, and after the show’s hiatus, it has finally returned on 14th. The shows premiere at nine on NBC. Season 4 is not the last. There shall be two more seasons, and the series will wrap up at Season 6 if all things go as planned.

The cards all fall perfectly into place:

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Source: Refinery29

Because of the show’s excellent performance, it has been continually renewed for more seasons, each spanning for almost 18 episodes. In an interview with Deadline, showrunner Isaac Aptaker told interviewers that Because of the show’s continued success, This Is Us was renewed in May 2019 for three more 18-episode seasons. Showrunner Isaac Aptaker said that the show’s finale was ready to go and the series would end in about three seasons. You can now stream season 4 on Hulu or download the NBC app. The cast shall only be getting more prominent as it has an expansive way of moving from just the Pearson’s to their children to the lives that they touch.

Catch more of the show on Hulu or NBC or wherever you watch you PrimeTime shows.

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