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Cheer: Here’s Everything That You Should Watch After You Finish Binge Watching It


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So you spent the weekend binge-watching Cheer Season 1. And now you’re at a loss. A deep void replaces all the emotions the documentary gave you. The only alternative is to get up from the place you’ve been sitting at since the past six hours. Or maybe not. You could sit and watch something else precisely like Cheer instead! Wow, that’s a brilliant idea. Why didn’t you think of it before? Well, there’s no reason to worry because we thought of the best TV shows to watch after you finish Cheer and here they are, in no particular order.

Cheer Squad

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Source: Tyla

Also on Netflix itself, Cheer Squad is a story of a cheerleading team and their ascent to be the best cheer team in the country. The Cheer Squad follows a more vlogging style of documentation, with a lot of scenes looking like the footage has been filmed by themselves.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

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Source: JustWatch

While the Navarro cheerleaders are more accomplished than any other cheer team in the country, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are impressive in their own right. The mini docu-series is available on Amazon Prime video and is also streaming right now. The show has 14 seasons, so you’re sure to take some time through this show.


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Source: Daily Dot

If you need more of the drama and the same amount of Cheer, look no further. We present to you Hellcats. A highly fictionalised version of cheerleading, Hellcats is the answer to the question, what if Riverdale had more, well, even more Cheer?

Bring It On

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Source: FlixList


Before Cheer, or Cheer Squad or Hellcats, there used to be one of the most iconic teenage drama movies to have ever existed. The film, which featured the talented Kirsten Dunst and fabulous Gabrielle Union went on to set the benchmark for best adolescent movies, and also the best cheer movie of all time.

Bring It On: All or Nothing

Riding on the success of Bring It On, this sequel may not be as iconic as its predecessor, but it has its moments. Oh, and did we forget to mention, this movie features THE Rihanna?!!!

Let us know if we missed any others in the comments down below!!

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