Orange Is The New Black: Showrunners Confirmed Season 8! When Will The Show Return?

Piper has to pay a visit to the prison for smuggling drug money to Alex. The prison can change a person’s perspective and personality. The sternness of the prison impacts majorly and she becomes more bold with the ability to deal with difficult situations.

How Did The Previous Season End?

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Red gets diagnosed with Dementia and it leaves the viewers down in the dumps. When this happens, she patches up with Frieda. Red impelled Frieda to not commit suicide but Frieda breaks faith her by alerting the prison authority about Red’s involvement in prison riots.

Will There Be A Season 8?

In conclusion, there has been no official stamp of approval about a new season of the show Orange Is The New Black. After the star broke the silence about the alternative ending of the show, the fans have their fingers crossed hoping for the new season.

If There Is A New Season, What Should We Expect?

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Soules was jocular about the way things ended but she wanted more from her kinship with Red. She believed that the second to none way to end the show would be to reconcile the spark between her and Red.
Her view of the next season is quite sanguine. She says that Frieda could become Red’s house-sitter. In addition, she could also help to whip into shape a recycling program in the prison.

What Does The Audience Expect?

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Most of the viewers believed that the show ended organically. But the incredible and wonderful series has deeply impacted and moved the viewers and has kept them thirsty for more.

The season 7 was a completely hybrid, it had a many-sided ending for discrete characters and has left the audience under a spell.
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