The 10 Worst DC Villains Of The Decade!

DC is preeminent for comics but they have a bizarre set of villains. Below is the list of top 10 villains who were unnecessary!

Sand Blaster


The character seems to be very superficial and does not give us the depth and feel about his presence. It appears to be that he was just a lazy new low for Marvel.

And the most intriguing part about his character is that he could blow heaps of sand on Flash to stop him, the idea cannot be brought at all and it doesn’t add up in any way.


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Source: Villains Wiki- Fandom

There isn’t a lot to mention about Punchy as he is usually in the background. He hasn’t yet got the opportunity to steal the limelight. His appearance is not vogue for he wears an accordion-like box that doubles as a firearm.


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He was only present for a short duration of a year. Bootface has Batman’s boot engraved on his face. He along with his accomplices seeks revenge in a much comical condition.

Milkman Man

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The character did not possess a name but he was called so due to his attire and was one of the many alternate versions of Superman. The character was extremely superfluous.


This set of characters has been the most irritating ones especially Drunkula. Baron Nightblood is a vampire who has a drinking problem. He does not satisfy the conditions of a villain but is annoying.


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Source: DC Wiki- Fandom

Sharptooth was meant to be half-human and half-shark. Characters like him aren’t very competitive and tough to fit and end up being easy targets for their enemies.

Cell Phone Sylvia

She has the strange ability to send anything to the Phantom Zone which is filled with villains. She uses the projector on her cell phone to do so. Her character does not seem like a villain, more of a comical nuisance rather.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

The characters had made a comeback for reasons unknown. It wasn’t really exciting to see them back as they were never that happening. They had appeared first in Detective Comics in 1943.

Folding Paper Man

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Source: DC Wiki- Fandom

He was supposedly the villain to take on Superman. Folding Paper Man can convert his anatomy into thin shapes like paper which makes him dangerous when it comes to giving people paper cuts.

50% Chad

The character is bizarre and hilarious; he is described by his lower body. He uses that against his enemies which sound hysterical. 50% Chad adds to the amusement of the comics rather than playing the role of a villain.

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