Hulu Subscribers Will Be Able To Stream The February 7th Democratic Debate

The audience and the subscribers of the online streaming services like Netflix and Prime have always wanted them to show the real-life political Debate. The people wanted to know more about the government and its policies. The same is what we feel is essential to our countries politics. Taking an initiative to do so will help to spread political literacy in the viewers.

What is In The News

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Source: The Verge

One of the most renowned streaming services, Hulu is owned by Disney and has been in the news in recent days. The owners of Hulu have tied a contract with the Disney-owned ABC news to stream the life updated of February 7th democratic Debate. The subscribers are pleased to see that the content now will be available on their device’s screens.

The subscribers of Hulu find themselves lucky to be watching the updates of the debates as they have always wanted to opinionize about the political policies of the US. The event is supposed to be airing at 7 PM ET, and the viewers will also have access to the previews of the BC news. The debates have always been available of the cable-replacement services like Hulu with Live TV.4

About the Debate

The Debate took place in St Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. The event was only a few days ahead of the primary of the state. It is also heard that the Democratic National Committee has partnered with the Apple News to provide the live coverage of the Debate to all the viewers on its application.

Why Hulu

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Source: CNet

All the subscribers have to do is to open their Hulu application, and they will see a tab of Democratic National Debate featured on the homepage from where they could watch the launch of the event. The owners of the streaming service said that the service has both live and on-demand plans, and that is the reason why it attracts so many audiences.

The feature mentioned above made it possible to collaborate for such an important event. People who have watched the Debate have shared their views that the streaming helped them to know what all policies are that their government has planned to help them with.

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