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Inflation In China Is Running Rampant Because Of The Coronavirus

The latest episode of Explained on Netflix, The Pandemic, sure covered some scenarios that hold the possibility of happening if the next Pandemic hits the world. The chapter explained what will be the circumstances of the world and how all the things will be affected by the virus. The eerie of the lined-up events after that suggest that the Pandemic has hit the earth.

What It Is About

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Source: The Sun


The recent news suggests that China’s inflation has hit the highest in the last eight years and the first month of the year encountered a steep rise in the demands of consumer goods which hampered the business activities in many parts of the country. The same all has happened because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The prices of the goods have come up instead of the risen demands of consumer goods. Many economists and researchers have given the reason of Coronavirus. This has led to the closing of some factories and companies temporarily and imposing travel restrictions within the country. The Coronavirus spreading its wings and till last Sunday, has engulfed around 908 people suffering.

The Circumstances

The outbreak has led to an increase in the demand for specific goods that helps in handling the repercussions of the virus-like respiratory masks. Talking to the owners of various companies, we get to know how they had to ramp up the production of only those goods, and keeping the production low for others to keep up with the limited resources. The Government is, however, trying its best to fight the virus.

What are the Steps Taken to Fight

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Source: World Health Organization


The Government has pledged to spend over $10 billion for the protection of its people and for fighting the virus. Dye to this, the owners could feel a little bit more confident, and they are planning to reopen their manufacturing houses by the end of this week.

China’s health has shattered many industries not only in China but also in some other parts of the world. Due to the outbreak, there is no way that Chinese goods are going out. Both the general public and the manufacturers are worried and are looking for ways to tackle the issue. All we can do right now is to hope for the best.

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