Locke and Key Season Finale Recap: Closed Doors

The show Locke and Key are one of the most trending shows right now on Netflix, and the audience is delighted to see how the show ended. The reviews have been, fantastic, and the audience is in full support of the story as well as the characterisations done by the actors. Netflix is known for its broad spectrum of content, and the show Locke & Key is on the extreme corner of the same.

The Last Episode

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The last two episodes of the final season seem like a continued movie. This is not because the same director, Vincenzo Natali direct them, but because they deliver a continued story. The second episode picks up where the first episode left. The episode begins when Dodge is planning its endgame and the Lockes are planning to stop it, and their mom has no idea what is going on while she is having excellent coffee with her friends.

How do They Tackle Them

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Back at the Key House, Tyler tries to calm everyone down by saying “Shadows are Just Shadows” when in no time a shadow pours out of dad’s ashes and chokes Tyler. Soon they realise that only light can stop them. Bode and Dodge try to tackle them by turning on their lightsabers when Dodge burns down into flames.

Soon Kinsey thinks of taking the help of some more people when with the help of Tyler, she calls Eden, Scot, Gabe and Jackie for help. The kids open the Black door with the Omega key, Kinsey still feels that something is wrong, and she almost saves Tyler and Locke kid. Everything seems great and happy. Scot tells Kinsey that he is not quite ready for a relationship. She hugs him and asks him to be friends instead.

More To Come

The moment you think that the show has left on a cliff-hanger, the echo from the well uses Appearance Key on Ellie, and she turns into a Dodge lookalike. The other bunch of characters cannot believe their eyes. It is revealed that the echo is still alive. A thunder hits Matheson and the first season ends while promising that there will be the next season.

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